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The Best Part of our Technology is our People

Responsive Demonstration

Zachary Zemby
CTO | Director Linkedin

Unlike his predecessor Christopher Columbus, this Westerner found India on his first attempt, albeit with the help of GPS and China Southern Airlines. Zachary has more than 20 years of experience in international business, hence our confusion in trying to understand why he wants to work with us. He brings to our company an understanding that helps us better execute and develop innovative ideas for our clients as well as measurable goals for our company. He also knows how to frustrate our driver with his backseat driving. We knew Zachary was right for our company when he fell in love with Mother India – and appreciated the wisdom of innovative jugaad. Having said this, we do think he should ease up on the hand sanitizer and be willing to drink bottled water other than Kinley.



... and we're fun to work with too.

(give us the bones like a dog, and you keep the meat)

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