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The Best Part of our Technology is our People

Responsive Demonstration

Awijeet Sandil
Director | Product Owner Linkedin

There is no doubt that Awijeet has the finest engineering mind amongst all in the company, despite protests from his brother and founder of the company, Abhijeet. He regularly programs Facebook applications, large-scale ROR projects, and is the one that gets contacted the most from marketing and public relations companies to do mind blowing work under tight NDA. Though a brilliant engineer, he would starve if not for his brothers’ practicality and hard work in managing the company. Very observant and spiritual, he regularly contemplates getting rid of his iPhone (and does) because he feels the beautiful UI pulls him away from God as it tempts him into tweeting more while meditating less.



... and we're fun to work with too.

(give us the bones like a dog, and you keep the meat)

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